You have arrived.
This is the beginning, or the end, depending on the direction you are traveling on this spectrum of time.
And so, standing at the center of the universe we find a cloaked figure, marveling at its core, rotating with a delicate balance.
She is the Girl in the Red Cape.
This is her story…part of it anyway.
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The Girl in the Red Cape at its core is a massive worldbuilding project.

We have laid the creative foundation of this universe by releasing an immersive art experience that will take you on an epic saga spanning 12 cinematic worlds created by digital artist Stuz0r.

This is a narrative journey expertly crafted and created by Hollywood screenwriter, Zack Stentz, which unfolds as each new world reveals a glimpse to the Girl and the Red Cape’s mysterious backstory.

This is not a feature film or episodic tv show. This is the beginning of a massive multi-dimensional universe we aim to build across all mediums with our community using the power of web3. This is your opportunity to become immersed, explore a new frontier, and help build an innovative new franchise.

This time, this place is exactly where you are meant to be. How the next chapter of this journey unfolds is entirely up to you.

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12 unique worlds designed by the brilliant Stuz0r in Unreal Engine 5. Each new world consists of 777 unique perspectives to be sold as NFTs. The complete collection totals 9,324 and will be minted all together. Hidden within each world are 7 ultra-rare perspectives of the Girl in the Red Cape.

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Visionary Studios is a production and project development company in the Web3 space. Visionary currently has working relationships with incredible artists, musicians and writers in both television and film.

The Visionary Team is made up of members coming from diverse backgrounds and professions, such as Web3 Development, Law, Finance, Asset Management and Entrepreneurship. Visionary Studios takes pride in curating projects that meet a standard yet to be seen in the Web3 space. The urge to produce original, inventive and groundbreaking projects is what drives us.


Art by



A digital artist whose 3D visuals draw comparisons to filmmaking greats like Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve. He is a veteran in his field with experience creating art over the past 10 years, including creating mind bending daily renders for over 5 years. As a freelance artist he has worked with clients such as Intel, Adobe, Google, NHL, Sony Records, Microsoft and many others from all around the world.

Story by



A screenwriter, novelist, and producer, Zack Stentz has written and co-written for the big and small screen for over 20 years as a writer for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, THOR, THE FLASH, FRINGE, and many more.

Zack also co-wrote the acclaimed young adult novel Colin Fischer and is currently working on several original projects through his production company Electric Brain, from the independent horror film Frostbite to the original science fiction epic graphic novel Earthborn.

The Girl in the Red Cape represents Zack's first foray into the world of NFT-driven storytelling. He was drawn to Stuz0r's art because in many ways it matches his own sensibilities in suggesting vast cosmic vistas and deep questions about the past and future of our universe.

Narrated by



Lance Reddick will soon be seen reprising his role as ‘Charon’ in Lionsgate’s international hit franchise JOHN WICK, the 4th iteration of the film series, opposite Keanu Reeves and Ian McShane. Lance starred for several seasons on critically acclaimed iconic series THE WIRE and OZ for HBO, and in J.J. Abrams’ cult hit series FRINGE on Fox. He will also next be seen starring in Netflix’s highly anticipated, live-action series rendition of RESIDENT EVIL. In the gaming space, Lance co-stars with Bill Nighy and Peter Dinklage in the international hit DESTINY as well as provided his voice and likeness for video game characters in HORIZON ZERO DAWN and HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST.